Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

We are well aware that not many fathers will ever go to our site to shop for home goods or purses (although they should!), but we still need to give them props for understanding the need that the women in their lives have to fill their homes with our beautiful handmade items (We will be adding some dad worthy items soon!). With so much gratitude, today here at Intertwined we celebrate all things dad!

Dads, the majestic beings of questionable fashion choices and unmatched dad jokes. They possess an uncanny ability to grill anything and everything, transforming a simple backyard barbecue into a culinary extravaganza. Their DIY skills are legendary, able to fix any broken gadget with a roll of duct tape and a determined grunt. When it comes to technology, they navigate the world of smartphones and social media with the grace of a bull in a china shop, accidentally sending emojis to the wrong recipients. Dads are experts at turning simple chores into epic adventures, like battling a clogged drain with a plunger and a war cry. Their dance moves are a blend of enthusiasm and rhythm obliviousness, leaving everyone in stitches (Believe it or not my dad and my husband are fantastic dancers!). Because of their unwavering desire to create good humans, they inundate us with a never-ending string of inspirational quotes and stories hoping to inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. With a heart as big as the moon and an ever-ready embrace, dads are the pillars of strength and the source of laughter in our lives. We salute you, dads, for your unwavering dedication to dadhood!

Today we would especially like to recognize our artisans and partners who are fathers for the love and support they provide for their families. Soufiane in Morocco; Lorenzo, Diego, and Adolfo in Guatemala; Denis in Uganda; and the husband of our Afghan seamstresses (whose name I cannot mention due to safety concerns) are all simply amazing fathers! We have seen firsthand their sacrifices, dedication and love they have for their families. In developing countries where our artisans live, the role of a father is similar to many other societies, where fathers play various important roles within the family and society. Traditionally, fathers in Guatemala, Morocco, Uganda, and Afghanistan have been expected to be the primary providers for their families. They work to earn income and support their household financially. This role often involves finding employment, managing finances, and ensuring the basic needs of the family are met. Fathers are seen as protectors of their families and they play a crucial part in shaping their children's character, teaching them life skills, and instilling important values. Fortunately, the role of fathers in caregiving has evolved over time in many developing countries. While traditionally, childcare and household chores were primarily seen as a mother's responsibility, modern fathers actively participate in raising their children. They contribute to tasks such as feeding, bathing, playing, and spending quality time with their kids. It is important to remember that they do all of this without many of the modern conveniences we are so fortunate to have in the US. We also need to note that the roles and expectations of fathers can vary depending on individual families, cultural background, and personal beliefs. Many of these countries are so diverse with a mix of Indigenous cultures, and each may have its own unique perspectives on fatherhood.

These challenges and responsibilities of fatherhood are another reason we are so happy to support our partners who are fathers. We are inspired by these men and what they do every day to support their families. Unfortunately, on our travels we have also seen so many family situations where the father was not able to fulfill his traditional duties. In many cases this leads to alcohol abuse and physical abuse because of the shame he feels for not being able to provide the support his family needs. As we have mentioned in previous blogs and on our site, seeing this need is what planted the seed for Intertwined. We saw the beautiful cultural items these artisans created and realized that we wanted to play a part in not only preserving their cultural artistry but also in providing a reliable source of income for the men and women with whom we partner so they could in turn support their families and educate their children.

Finally, on this day of the year when fathers are king, Ginger and I would like to send a big thank you to our fathers, Joe and John, who have sacrificed so much for each of us and have covered us with so much love throughout our lives. We would also like to recognize our husbands, John and Chris, who are the most amazing husbands and fathers to our children. I tell my two all the time that they have the absolute best dad in the world. We are so thankful for their understanding and support of the passion we have for Intertwined. They too are behind the scenes doing what they can to support us as we continue to send Intertwined out into the world!

Happy happy Father’s Day to all the great fathers in your lives! We hope your day is filled with so much love and joy! Treat those fathers like a king today and let them know how much they mean to you!

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