Your purchase makes a difference — for good! Each item you purchase has a unique story and was touched by many people as it made its way to you. The pillow you purchase provides fair wages to Afghan refugees living in North Carolina. The Guatemalan corte cotton blanket uses vintage material woven by Mayan women which may otherwise make its way to the landfill. The nettle placemats provide essential work for women and families in remote villages of the Himalayas. 

Intertwined was established with the idea that as global neighbors, our lives are connected. The creation, purchase and delivery of items has an impact on people near and far. With every product we offer, we strive to foster good — good for the earth, good for our partners, and good for you! 

In a world of mass production and instant gratification, Intertwined can help you discover unique items to enrich your life and your surroundings. We invite you to be part of the connection. . . become Intertwined and promote the good! 

Good for You

Enjoy unique, well-made items in your home and life. Your friends and family are sure to ask, “Where did you get that gorgeous [insert pillow, blanket, bag, etc.]?” With your answer, you become Intertwined, part of the continuing story of good. 

Good for the Earth

Our small-batch production practices create a very tiny carbon footprint. Whenever possible, our fabrics are naturally sustainable or repurposed vintage or deadstock. We do our best to use as little packaging as possible – always recyclable. 

Good for our Partners

We create lasting relationships with our artisans and organizations so that they can count on our orders. We are ethical in our business practices and provide fair compensation to all involved. We hope our involvement will empower artisans to preserve traditional skills and cultural handicrafts in a sustainable way.

Ginger Shields and Tiffany Vestal, co-founders of Intertwined, in front of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala


Intertwined started with our love for travel, people and textiles. As long time friends, we learned that we traveled well together when we visited Uganda in 2019. If we could travel well together, we knew we could do anything together!

We started Intertwined in 2022 with the primary goal of helping many of the wonderful people we had met on previous travels. We hope that the market Intertwined provides for many of the gorgeous items handcrafted by friends in Guatemala, Morocco, Uganda, Nepal and India will help our partners provide for their families and preserve their traditions.

Thanks for being part of the Intertwined connection,

Ginger & Tiffany