Handwoven Blankets


Intertwined's handwoven blankets go beyond coziness; they're a symbol of comfort, craftsmanship, and the spirit of adventure. Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans worldwide, each blanket is a unique masterpiece. When you invest in one of Intertwined's handwoven blankets, you're not just getting top quality; you're also supporting talented artisans globally. Each blanket has its own story, connecting you to a global community of makers and adventurers. So, why settle for ordinary blankets when you can wrap yourself in the warmth and adventure of Intertwined's handwoven creations? Whether you're by the fire, starting a new journey, or just seeking comfort, our blankets are your perfect adventure companions.

Handwoven Cotton Corte Blankets

Wool Momo Blankets

Moroccan Tassel Blankets

Handwoven Striped Cotton Blankets