Leather Earrings - Resilience in Every Dangle

At Intertwined, we believe in beauty with a purpose. Our story isn't just about handcrafted goods, it's about the human connections that make them special. Today, we want to share the journey behind our unique leather earrings, a story that began with a chance encounter and blossomed into a beautiful collaboration.

From Vintage Textiles to New Beginnings

Our journey started with a desire to repurpose gorgeous vintage textiles from Morocco and Guatemala into stunning pillows. We knew local talent was key, and a friend working with refugee resettlement agencies connected us with two very special Afghan women in our hometown of Greensboro, NC - A and Z (for their safety, we can't use their full names).

During our first year, A and Z became more than just seamstresses; they became friends. We celebrated milestones - Z getting her driver's license, the family settling into a permanent home - and shared meals and experiences as they navigated their new lives in America.

Repurposing, Reimagining, and Redefining Success

While pillow covers were lovely, they weren't our bestsellers. Yet, the connection with A and Z was invaluable. We wanted to expand our collaboration and discovered an opportunity: High Point furniture companies were discarding upholstery and leather samples that would inevitably end up in landfills. This sparked an idea - handbags with the upholstery and, why not, leather earrings?

A Story Woven with Strength and Resilience

The story behind these earrings goes beyond the beautiful textures. Z's husband, E (A's brother), was a contractor for the US military in Afghanistan. When Kabul fell, the family had mere hours to reach the airport and escape. With only what they could carry, E, Z, their four young children, and A boarded a plane to an uncertain future. But fate wouldn't allow them all to leave. A's husband and child remain separated from the family in Afghanistan. A continues to work tirelessly with the government to bring them to the US.

Every Earring Tells a Story

When you wear Intertwined's leather earrings, you're not just adorning yourself with handcrafted beauty. You're carrying a story of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of human connection. It's a story of second chances, of repurposing not just materials but lives, and of the unwavering spirit of a family determined to be reunited.

We invite you to join us on this journey. With every purchase, you support these remarkable women and other artisans around the world in an inspiring fight for a brighter future.

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