Summertime and Broken AC!

Summertime and Broken AC!

Happy Friday! What a week it's been around our house! Our AC stopped working on Wednesday night, so we called immediately (after hours) to get on the list. When I called back the next morning to make sure we were on the list, the scheduler told me that they had received 600 emergency calls since Sunday. CRAZY! We are still waiting today, but this short time without AC has made me extremely grateful for the luxuries I live with every day!

It has also encouraged me to highlight some of Intertwined's products for hot weather!

First Up . . . Cotton Corte Blankets!

This might be my favorite Intertwined product. It's colorful, soft, versatile and the details are amazing! Handwoven vintage fabric (it used to be a Mayan skirt, aka "corte") is converted into a blanket with beautiful hand-embroidery down the center.

Corte Blankets

Second . . .Guatemalan Handmade Ceramic Mugs
You probably think the lack of AC has affected my brain as I highlight mugs during the summer, but hear me out!  Last summer, while visiting Morocco in scorching 90-100 degree heat, I was constantly offered hot tea. It seemed counter-intuitive, but I was assured it was actually good for me in the hot weather.  My curiosity piqued, I did some research and discovered that on a hot, dry day, drinking a hot beverage can indeed help your body regulate its temperature.  Now, while the science might not hold true for humid North Carolina summers, these mugs can still help cool you off -- the Guatemalan pottery that makes them actually calls them beer mugs!
Next . . . Handblown Glassware
Whether you need ice cream or a cold drink, our handblown glassware delivers!
Teal Stemless Wine Glass
And Also . . . Travel Bags
Sometimes you just need to get away from it all! Travel in style this summer with one of Intertwined's many hand-crafted travel bags.
Finally . . . Summer Earrings
Bring a pop of color to your summer wardrobe with our beautiful leather earrings! They come with a stunning earring card, making them the perfect gift for any woman, especially those who appreciate unique, handcrafted pieces.
But these earrings are more than just stylish. Each pair comes with a story of resilience. The tagline on the card, "Resilience in Every Dangle," reflects the spirit of our amazing Afghan refugee friends who handcraft these earrings. Their inspiring journey is sure to resonate with anyone who receives them.
Leather Earrings - Summer Colors
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