Switching to Cloth Napkins: Our Family's Journey

Switching to Cloth Napkins: Our Family's Journey

In a world that's increasingly conscious of the environmental impact we leave behind, small changes in our daily habits can make a difference. Years ago, our family decided to make the switch from disposable paper napkins to reusable cloth napkins, and this simple change has positively impacted both the environment and our daily lives.

Picture this: a bustling household with toddlers running around, leaving a trail of spills and laughter in their wake. It was during this chaotic and heartwarming chapter of our lives that we decided to introduce cloth napkins into our routine. We wanted to reduce waste and teach our children about the importance of taking care of the planet. And as our kids grew, so did their love for sustainable living. Now that they're off to college and beyond, it brings us joy to know that they continue the cloth napkin tradition.

But our journey towards sustainability didn't stop with our children. Seeing the positive changes cloth napkins brought to our family, my parents were inspired to join in too. It's a true testament to the power of leading by example and the ripple effect our choices can have on those around us.

And speaking of ripple effects . . . Just think about the magnitude of the disposable paper napkin problem. In a span of 20 years, a family could easily go through a whopping 104,000 paper napkins, assuming a pack of 100 per week. Now, multiply that by the millions of families worldwide who rely on these disposables, and you start to see the staggering environmental impact.

Consider the practical benefits of cloth napkins that made the switch worthwhile for our family:

  • Sustainability: Cloth napkins are reusable and washable, allowing us to use them over and over again. We've had sets of cloth napkins that have lasted us 10 to 15 years! By investing in quality cloth napkins, we not only reduce waste but also contribute to a greener planet.
  • Cost-Effective: When you compare one set of cloth napkins to the number of paper napkins you buy over the years, you’ll realize how much you’ll save! And they take up very little room in the washer/dryer, so you’re not adding extra loads.
  • Elegant and Versatile: Cloth napkins come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, making every meal a stylish affair. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner or enjoying a casual family meal, cloth napkins add a touch of sophistication to the table.
  • Positive Social Impact: Intertwined’s cloth napkins go the extra mile! Our beautiful, colorful cloth napkins are handcrafted by artisans in Uganda and Guatemala (with more countries to come!), providing them with fair wages and empowering their communities.


Our personal journey with cloth napkins has been a powerful reminder that even the smallest changes can have a significant impact. By simply embracing reusable cloth napkins, we've not only reduced waste but also seamlessly integrated sustainability into our daily lives. So, let's step out of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Together, we can make a vibrant and lasting impression on our world, one meal at a time!

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