Tiffany's Favorite Intertwined Items!

Tiffany's Favorite Intertwined Items!

This week, Intertwined's co-founder Tiffany shares her favorite picks from Intertwined's collection. Each item is a testament to Intertwined's mission to support global artisans that create unique and sustainable handmade products.

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1. Palopo Mugs

Handmade blue ceramic mugs in a row.

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"I am a collector of mugs from my travels abroad…I have A LOT of them! When I walked into Palopo on the shores of Lake Atitlan, I knew I had to have their mugs, and I knew we had to have them at Intertwined. Their vibrant colors and substantial weight and feel make them perfect for my morning cup of coffee. I judge a mug by how they feel in my hands and these mugs fit perfectly."

2. Wool Tassel and Momo Blankets

White armchair with handmade wool momo blanket with orange, gray, and cream strips, and cotton corte blue denim pillow.

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"There is nothing any cozier than a soft wool blanket or throw. Both our Tassel and Momo blankets are handwoven from the finest quality wool and are so incredibly soft and warm. The cream-colored Tassel blanket adds instant sophistication to any bed while the Momo blanket brins a cozy feel to any room. Our artisans use organic wool and all natural dyes. These beauties will only get softer with time."

3. Leather Collection from Morocco

Two images of products from Morroco. One of a handmade brown leather circle bag. The other of a soft handmade leather pillow on a couch.

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"I am always in search of another beautiful leather item – I am crazy about good quality leather! Soufiane, our artisan in Morocco, has created the most beautiful leather items for Intertwined. From leather placemats and napkin rings, leather bags and our oh so soft leather pillows. It’s truly hard for me to pick my favorites. The buttery soft sheep’s leather of our pillows makes them one of my favorites. They are beautiful and comfortable, which is of utmost importance when I’m lounging on my sofa (nobody likes a hard pillow!). The warm brown color makes them so versatile…they acquiesce with any décor. I’d have to say my second favorite item is our circle purse. These are also so soft to the touch and are hand oiled into three beautiful, rich colors – cognac, black and natural. The circle shape is on trend yet sophisticated and the roomy interior with three separate compartments makes it extremely functional. When I carry mine I get the most compliments!"

4. Copavic Recycled Glassware  – COMING SOON!

Four green handblown recycled glass wine glasses in a row on a wood table.

"I am in love with our new line of recycled glasses. I love that something so beautiful was created out of bottles that would have otherwise been discarded. The subtle green and blue colors, the classic sophistication of each piece, and the variety of our collection makes them extremely versatile. Use them to start a new collection or add them to your existing collection to give your table or bar an updated, current look. Gone are the days of only clear glass-colored glass is the new chic way to entertain."

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