Unwrapping the Stories: 12 Days of Christmas - The Nettle Tote with Tassel

Unwrapping the Stories: 12 Days of Christmas - The Nettle Tote with Tassel

It’s December! As we dive headfirst into this holiday month, I'm excited to start something special – 12 Days of Christmas, Intertwined style. At Intertwined, we're all about stories. Not the "once upon a time" kind, but the real narratives of the folks who create our beautiful artisan bags and handmade products and our adventures and obstacles as a small business. We state on our website that “Each item you purchase has a unique story and was touched by many people as it made its way to you.” We're guilty, though – we've been a bit tight-lipped about these stories. Time to change that! Over the next 12 days of Christmas, we will unveil the captivating stories behind 12 products that would be perfect gifts for someone special.

Today, we kick off this festive series with the tale of the Nettle Tote with Tassel.

Nettle Tote With Tassels

This artisan bag is a harmonious blend of tradition and craftsmanship, showcasing the skilled handiwork of women in Nepal, guided by our friend Mala Thapa Magar. The outer fabric, a combination of nettle and cotton, is meticulously handwoven by these talented artisans. The inside boasts the beauty of traditional Nepali dhaka fabric, creating a delightful contrast that adds to the allure of this artisan bag.


However, every story has its twists, and when we received the initial batch of these unique totes, we noticed an unexpected detail—the outside pocket was off-center. It's sometimes difficult to communicate product ideas precisely when you don't speak the same first language. I was frustrated with myself because I probably incorrectly described the placement of the outside pocket. Determined to uphold our commitment to sustainability and mindful consumption, we sought a solution that would transform this seemingly imperfect bag into a masterpiece.

Thanks to the magic of collaboration and creativity and the ease of WhatsApp communication, Mala and I discussed alternatives. She was all apologies, ready to ship us new bags. But I was not sure that it was her fault - had I communicated the dimensions incorrectly? Either way, at Intertwined, we hate waste! Together, we brainstormed and innovated. The result? Long nettle tassels gracefully hanging down one side, transforming the off-center pocket into a distinctive feature that elevated the bag's charm.

WhatsApp messages with Mala     
What initially seemed like a hiccup turned into an opportunity for ingenuity and uniqueness. The Nettle Tote with Tassel, with its asymmetrical flair, became not only a favorite of ours but a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication to sustainability that defines Intertwined.

We invite you to delve deeper into the world of nettle and Mala's remarkable company by exploring our website. Mala Thapa Magar stands as a beacon of change in Nepal, and her contribution to these totes is just one chapter in her inspiring story. As the holiday spirit envelops us, let's celebrate not just the products we share but the incredible individuals and stories behind them. Stay tuned for more tales of craftsmanship and heartwarming collaborations in the days to come!

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