Unwrapping the Stories: 12 Days of Christmas - Ugandan Woven Grass Baskets

Unwrapping the Stories: 12 Days of Christmas - Ugandan Woven Grass Baskets

In the heart of Uganda, on our very first trip together in 2019, my co-founder Tiffany and I discovered a remarkable story that transcends the festive season. As part of Intertwined's series "Unwrapping the Stories: 12 Days of Christmas," we want to share a tale of hope, empowerment, and the vibrant spirit of the women at Ride 4 a Woman.

Our journey began with the exploration of Uganda's diverse landscapes. From the Nile River adventures and the safari delights of Murchison Falls National Park, each experience painted a picture of a country rich in culture and resilience.

However, it was in the southern mountains, amidst the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, that we stumbled upon a community that would change our perspective forever. At the onset of our trek with the endangered mountain gorillas, we were enchanted by the rhythmic beats of traditional dance performed by the women of Ride 4 a Woman. Intrigued and inspired, we decided to visit their community center the next day.

Ride 4 a Woman, we learned, stands as a beacon of support for local women grappling with the harsh realities of HIV, domestic violence, and poverty. Over 300 women from 11 villages now find solace and strength within the community center, where they learn essential skills such as pedal sewing, dancing, singing, drumming, and creating the most gorgeous baskets.

The art of basket weaving became a symbol of resilience for these women. Invited to learn the skill ourselves, we delved into the intricate process, with my favorite part being the vibrant dyeing of the grass. Using a local plant, the women create a myriad of colors by manipulating water temperature and adding ash. 

I won't deny it; weaving those baskets with needles was much harder than it looked. Yet, in those moments of struggle, we found a profound connection with the women of Ride 4 a Woman. Their determination, creativity, and the joy they infused into every basket were inspiring beyond measure.

Intertwined proudly supports these women by ordering their beautiful baskets, even though they may cost a bit more than alternatives. We understand that the extra amount is an investment—a lifeline that goes directly to paying fair wages and empowering these women to overcome struggles that few of us can truly comprehend.

As we unwrap the stories behind Intertwined's baskets, we invite you to join us in celebrating not just the intricate craftsmanship and vibrant colors but the enduring spirit of hope and resilience woven into each basket. In supporting Ride 4 a Woman, we become a part of a hopeful narrative—one that uplifts, empowers, and brightens the future for the extraordinary women who create these beautiful baskets.

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