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Corte Cloth Napkins

Corte Cloth Napkins

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Handwoven vintage cotton fabrics make wonderful napkins for everyday use! Intertwined's colorful cloth napkins are sustainably made from a second-hand cortes, traditional handwoven skirts worn by Mayan women in Guatemala. Tailors at Ruth & Naomi in Guatmala use their expert sewing skills to transform each corte into one-of-a-kind sets of napkins.


Set of 6

18" X 18"

100% vintage cotton

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

Handmade Vintage

This product is made with handmade, upcycled fabric. We believe the minor imperfections associated with vintage fabric are part of the charm and uniqueness of the item. We do our best to take photos that accurately represent the true colors and worn nature of the handwoven fabric, but colors vary across monitors, and photos can’t highlight all aspects of a product.

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More About the Artisan...

RUTH AND NAOMI is a sewing and crafts cooperative in Chichicastenango, Guatemala founded by local tailor and Methodist pastor, Diego Chicoj. The cooperative began as a way to provide a source of income to widows of Guatemala’s Civil War. Now, both men and women sew and weave tableware, pillows, and blankets. They also crochet bags and coasters.

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