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Handblown Amber Bodega Wine Glasses, Set of 2

Handblown Amber Bodega Wine Glasses, Set of 2

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Cheers! Each of Intertwined's bodega wine glasses is handblown and made from recycled glass in Guatemala. These gorgeous amber are sure to elevate your table setting with their timeless, sophisticated style.  It is common in Italy and Spain to serve wine in these small tumblers rather than a traditional wine glass. These are sure to be a standout in your collection!


Set of 2

2.25” H, 3" diameter

Recycled Glass

Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap.


This product is handblown with recycled glass. Therefore, each piece may vary slightly in size and color, but we believe this adds to the charm!

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More About the Artisan...

COPAVIC is a glass recycling and hand-blowing workshop located in Cantel, Guatemala, where skilled artisans transform recycled glass into a stunning array of glassware. The process involves sorting, cleaning, and melting the glass, shaping it using ancient techniques, and finishing in ovens for durability. Established in 1976, Copavic now employs around 40 artisans and provides comprehensive on-site training.

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