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Huipil Itty-Bitty-Clutch (Multiple Colors Available)

Huipil Itty-Bitty-Clutch (Multiple Colors Available)

When you need to keep itty-bitty things safe and looking good!

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When you need to keep itty-bitty things safe and looking good! Intertwined's huipil itty-bitty clutch is an artisan bag made from pieces of a second-hand huipil, a traditional handwoven blouse worn by Mayan women. Cuero Malec, a Guatemalan leather shop, recycles these huipiles by transforming them into gorgeous, durable artisan bags, using every last piece of the huipil to make our itty-bitty-clutches!


5.5”W x 3.5"H

Cotton and sustainably sourced, vegetable tanned leather. Although the main color will be the same as the photos, no two clutches are exactly alike, making each uniquely your own!

Fully lined with top zipper

Spot clean only

Handmade Vintage

This product is made with handmade, upcycled fabric. We believe the minor imperfections associated with vintage fabric are part of the charm and uniqueness of the item. We do our best to take photos that accurately represent the true colors and worn nature of the handwoven fabric, but colors vary across monitors, and photos can’t highlight all aspects of a product.

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More About the Artisan...

CUERO MALEC is a leather shop in Samayac founded by Lorenzo Xum Ortiz. Lorenzo began working with leather when he was ten years old, and now he employs around 10 to 15 people in his shop. He and his team are skilled at using leather to transform second-hand clothing, including traditional Guatemalan huipiles, into beautiful purses, bags and other leather items.

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