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Nettle Crocheted Bag

Nettle Crocheted Bag

Neutral with an attitude! Stunningly sustainable!

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So you've never heard of nettle? It's pretty amazing. It grows almost uncontrollably in the Himalayan mountains. Sustenance farmers gather and harvest it in the off-season. The entire production process is chemical-free and machine-free. The labor-intensive process produces a strong fiber that can be woven into fabric or crocheted into Intertwined's amazing artisan bags!


15.5" x 14"

Himalayan nettle exterior; 100% cotton block-print interior.

Spot clean for best results.


This product is handmade. We believe the minor imperfections associated with handmade products are part of the charm and uniqueness of the item. We do our best to take photos that accurately represent the true colors and nature of the handmade item, but colors vary across monitors, and photos can’t highlight all aspects of a product.

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More About the Artisan...

MALA THAPA MAGAR is the founder and CEO of Himalayan Allo Udhyog (HAU), a company that produces nettle (also known as allo) fiber, fabrics, yarn, clothing and bags. Mala’s company indirectly employs more than 600 people, mostly women in remote villages in Nepal. While raising the standards of living of these women, the business has also helped raise awareness of the sustainability of nettle fiber. Himalayan nettle is a perennial plant that grows quickly and uses much less water than cotton and no pesticides. Women who work with Mala use the nettle to produce handmade throw pillows, crocheted bags, and more.

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